Why “That’ll Do” Won’t Do

aluminium bifolding doors

By Craig Miller, Managing Director of AluFoldDirect

There’s a simple reason why AluFoldDirect achieves its target of ensuring that every customer receives our aluminium bi-fold doors or windows, right first time.

It’s because we foster an attitude throughout the company of: “that’ll do,” won’t do.

In fact, those exact words are illustrated in a giant banner that takes pride of place on the factory walls.  For me, but more importantly for our customers, it’s the single most important value we instil in our team.

We all have moments in our life when we’re tempted to slack off, leave things as they are, say “that’ll do.” Those lapses can really impact our customers when this happens on the production line.

So, in our factory: “that’ll do” won’t do.  Whether it’s cutting corners to save time, not bothering to check that something’s working or packing an item for delivery that isn’t up to scratch, the result is always the same: a problem for a customer that we have caused.

Those problems may cause delays at the customer’s site, posing a risk of them not completing on time and therefore not getting paid.  That’s not on.  Our customers must be given the opportunity to complete their job right first time.  For that to happen, we must get it right first time, too.

So our focus is quite simply to ensure that our customers receive exactly what they ordered.  By fostering the attitude of “that’ll do” won’t do, our staff take pride in a job well done, every time one of our vans leaves the factory.  And our customers know they can rely on us for consistent standards of quality and service without slowing things down.

So, every day, it’s good to know that the first thing everybody at AluFoldDirect sees is that big sign, reminding us all that “that’ll do” won’t do.

Delivered direct to site, anywhere in the UK (unbranded van)