Why Secured by Design doors are so important

As we’ve developed our range of aluminium doors, there was never any doubt that we would work towards achieving Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation – and we’re thrilled to have achieved it.

This important standard is rapidly becoming a necessary condition both for commercial buildings and residential developments, because specifiers and builders recognise how useful it is in adding value to a property.

Secured by Design is the brainchild of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), whose collective expertise ensures that SBD provides a common sense solution to security.

The minimum police requirement for achieving SBD status is that the door must be approved to PAS 24 standard.  This subjects the door to a ‘thief test,’ trying to gain access using tools common to a burglar on the loose, such as a crowbar or screwdriver. 

We have now passed those tests. Everything we supply now has an SBD-approved version, with the exception of our sliding door.  Whether you need an aluminium bi-folding door for your home or a commercial entrance for your business, we’ll deliver a secure solution.

We’re aware that there is a premium attached to SBD compared to a regular door, so you can choose whether to SBD it or not.  

A common solution is to be Secured by Design on the ground floor, but not on the upper levels.  This saves money as well as focussing security towards the locations most vulnerable to burglary.

Similarly, while true SBD means that every individual element must pass the standard, the customer may prefer to pick and choose – for example, by using regular glass in place of the recommended laminated glass. This can be an expensive option, so it’s worth considering whether having an SBD frame and locking system is sufficient for your purposes.

If it’s a new build house or extension

When you’re ordering windows and doors for a new house or extension they will usually have to comply with Building Regulations for security. The regulations changed in October 2015 and we produced a guide to explain the new security building regulations.  Just let us know if it’s a new build when you ask for a quote and we’ll make sure the products you order meet the correct regulations.

Crucially, whether you choose SBD or not, everything we offer meets the same high standards you’d expect from AluFoldDirect. 

We deliver direct to site, precisely measured for ‘right first time’ installation.  The addition of SBD-approved security enhances our commitment to quality in manufacture and customer service.

You can learn more about our commitment to Secured by Design here.

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