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Express Bi-Folding Doors Delivered Straight to Site

AluFoldDirect – the system of choice for construction design professionals and specifiers. . .

At AluFoldDirect, it’s not what we do, it’s what we enable you to do that matters most.

We’re structured for quality, speed and accuracy. . .

What sets us apart is that we have the infrastructure to hold a significant amount of stock at all times. This enables us to provide an exceptionally flexible and responsive service.  

What advantages this offers you:

Whether you’re a construction business, architect or installer, the way we work will improve the way that you work. . .

Straight to site delivery
: Having the stock availability to make-to-order eradicates the accidental storage damage sometimes associated with purchasing from a merchant and guarantees the highest quality; first time, every time.

Ready when you are:
Incredibly fast and efficient turnaround means that we can fabricate on the fly and in complete harmony with your own construction schedules. Coupling this with our strict quality protocols guarantees the highest standards at every stage.

Real time measurement
: Because we’re equipped with the stockholding to manufacture swiftly, you don’t need to order ‘off plan’. Instead, you can simply measure the aperture, once it is formed, ensuring your installation is exact.  You get a perfectly made-to-measure solution, without having any delays along the way.

Why choose Aluminium?

Aluminium offers a number of key advantages that are not found in other building materials and provides the perfect balance between form and function.


Benefits at a glance. . .


Aluminium is one of the world’s most sustainable building materials

Up to 90% of aluminium used in construction today is recycled, using 95% less energy to manufacture than at primary production. This means a lower carbon footprint at manufacture and a substantially reduced environmental impact.


Thermal performance also positively impacts sustainability and by combining compact aluminium frames with low e glass units further reduces your carbon footprint and ensures that you’re promoting environmentally considerate construction practices.


Material properties of aluminium that make it perfect for architectural construction:

  • Incredibly light and delivers a high strength-to-weight ratio. In design terms this means cleaner lines and slimmer profiles that inherently provide perfect aesthetics without compromise.
  • Excellent formability and ductility characteristics mean that whatever an architect can dream a builder can deliver.
  • Outstanding durability and corrosion resistance means that installations will retain their appearance for decades.