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Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors Trade Supplier


Here to help you deliver an outstanding result. . .

As an architect, we know that you’re a key decision maker on any construction project. Whether you’re planning a bespoke individual build or designing a major development, you’re integral in distilling the objectives of your client and balancing these with regulatory, functionality and aesthetical requirements to ensure the end result meets industry ‘performance’, ‘description’, ‘nominated’, or ‘equal or approved’ specifications.


At AluFoldDirect, we understand these challenges, the regulatory requisites you work to and the importance you place on ensuring the integrity of your design vision is protected at every stage.


Designed specifically to meet every architectural demand. . .

Whatever the size of the project or the design constraints you’re working to, AluFoldDirect can help you meet your mandatory objectives:


  • Functionality and performance – All products meet strict technical competencies and deliver incredibly low U values for outstanding thermal insulation.
  • Quality assurance – All AluFoldDirect products are designed to meet structural and technical standards:

-          Manufactured in strict accordance with ALUk technical specifications

-          Carry the CE mark that certifies they meet strict product directives

  • Sustainability – Combining the responsibly sourced aluminium our frames with our low e glass units means a reduced carbon footprint and an assurance that you’re specifying products that promote environmentally considerate construction practices.
  • Availability - Substantial stock-holding capabilities which enable us to manufacture to order, guarantee availability and commit to 1-week delivery on all unglazed specifications (2-week on glazed units) – any colour (RAL/BS), any size, anywhere in the UK.
  • Aesthetics – Superb weight to strength ratio of aluminium facilitates slimmer profiles, cleaner lines and contemporary style that supports your architectural vision.


Everything you need at your fingertips. . .

At AluFoldDirect we provide a suite of tools that provide process efficiencies and actively add value to the way that we partner with architects including:


  • Project specific tender packs
  • Downloadable CAD drawings
  • U-Value calculations


Here to support professional installers and independent outlets...

With AluFoldDirect, installers and independent retail businesses of all sizes have big capabilities.


With our fabrication know-how, stockholding facility and delivery support behind you, were able to:


  • Deliver direct to your depot or building site, which means you don’t have to worry about the accidental damage that can result from holding large items in stock or using your own transport.
  • Deliver directly to your customer’s home at an allocated time - our drivers’ uniforms are unbranded and the packaging is unbranded too. Almost all of our customers take advantage of this direct to home delivery service.


You won’t find a simpler or more efficient service than AluFoldDirect. Simply place your order over the phone or via email/fax – and we’ll handle everything from that point until we deliver to your door. We’ll talk you through all options, offer expert advice and provide a faultless service, every single time.

House Builders:

Whether you’re building a single dwelling, project managing a major housing development or handling a home improvement project, one thing remains constant - customers are increasingly demanding a more innovative and visually stylish finish.


As clients increasingly discerning and aspirational as a result of the growing trend in high-quality home improvements, AluFoldDirect is the perfect partner to help you meet demand and drive up quality outcomes.


Incorporating AluFoldDirect products elevates the quality of finish and prestige on any scale of build. This not only provides you (the house builder), with a quality differential but also underpins your reputation for delivering a first class result.


The benefits at a glance. . .

AluFoldDirect’s fabrication and stocking capabilities enable us to rapidly scale up on the fly and deliver an outstanding solution on any size of development.


  • Combining the unique strength of Aluminium with the broad choice of PPC colours available means slim lines and a truly stunning finish that compliments any build beautifully.


  • You’ll be working with a knowledgeable team. We have many years of experience in the construction sector - we know what you need and the challenges you face and it’s this insight that enables us exceed your expectations.


  • Incredibly swift turnaround means that we’re able to manufacture, deliver and fit with absolute precision to exact aperture measurements once build is complete without impacting on timescales.


  • Ordering couldn’t be easier – simply contact our team by phone, email us or order online. We guarantee a fast response and we’re equipped to respond to your requirements on the fly, without delay so you can get what you want, whenever you need it.