How Trainees are at the Heart of AluFoldDirect Success

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It isn’t just Lord Sugar who knows the value of a good apprentice.  In the modern marketplace of 21st Britain, vocational training is back in fashion as probably the best way of providing enthusiastic, go-getting employees with the on-the-job skills they need to excel in a career.

At AluFoldDirect, we take the training of our newest recruits seriously.  In fact, they’re the bedrock of the business.  We’re proud of our roots in Haslingden, Lancashire and so we have developed a deliberate strategy to hire unskilled people from the local area who are hungry for the right opportunity to develop.

All AluFoldDirect our trainees learn valuable vocational skills alongside hands-on practical experience.  It’s vital to our plans that we provide the best possible incentives, which is why we pay our trainees above the minimum wage and offer a clear structure for further development. 

It works like this:


New trainees are taught the basics of manufacturing aluminium bi-fold doors, and how we apply a process at AluFoldDirect in a fast, precise way to ensure great results every time.    They will work on the assembly line under supervision, initially concentrating on two areas of production.

Qualified Fabricator

The next step – which typically takes around 6-12 months – is for our trainees to take charge of the fabricating process.  After passing our internal qualification, they will be able to work unsupervised on two areas of the production line, while still being supervised on others as they continue to develop and broaden their skillset.


The final stage of our training process is to enable qualified fabricators to pass on their expert knowledge to new trainees – and helping AluFoldDirect to continue to grow as an employer of choice in our community.

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