Time is Money for Self-Builders

We have all watched Grand Designs and dreamt of building or refurbishing our own home. For some people, this dream is a reality. More and more homeowners are moving into the self-build market to take complete control over the details of their home, from their windows to their doors.

This trend looks set to grow, with a recent Ipsos Mori survey showing that one in eight of us in the UK expects to look into building their own home over the next year. For most it remains a dream. But for around 12,000 people a year, building their own home is a reality and for many, many more, it’s about radically improving and remodelling their current home.

Time is Money

There is no better time than now to build it yourself, especially if it’s an entire home you are looking to build. Since 1 April, the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 requires councils all over the country to keep a register of hopeful self-builders and custom house builders, in theory making it easier for them to obtain a plot of land for their project. The government has said it wants to double the amount of self-built homes by 2020.

Time is money for homeowners taking on the challenge of building it themselves or renovating a house. The longer the project takes, the more money self-builders have to part with to complete it. Products which need to be adjusted on site or replaced because they aren’t right, just cause more problems and time delays.

The self-build market has to be approached by suppliers in the same way as they approach the trade market. Products need to be turned around for self-builders with speed, with the same accuracy and attention to detail.

AluFoldDirect understands the challenges self-builders face, which is why we implement precision manufacturing with a “that’ll do, won’t do” philosophy to make sure we get all our aluminium door and window products right first time to avoid any hassle. Our products are precisely made-to-measure and are delivered in full frame so our customers, whether self-builders or trade, do not have to go to the trouble of assembling anything themselves. We have a cheeky video [link to video] to help with installation.

Getting an accurate and reliable product to customers is just half of the challenge. We know that fitting a door or window is one of the final stages of a project, so it’s certainly around that time that self-builders are itching to get it all done and dusted. To get it right first time often means waiting until the hole is built before you can get accurate measurements. This is why our lead times for glazed bi-folding or sliding doors and windows, is only two weeks.

Delivered direct to site, anywhere in the UK (unbranded van)