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By AluFoldDirect managing director Craig Miller

The popularity of bi-fold doors is the highest it has ever been. A recent survey by prestige London property agents Marsh & Parsons puts them second only to wooden flooring as the most desirable design feature demanded by homebuyers.

Home-style experts at The Times, too, have identified them as a must-have, alongside wood burners and open plan living.

Aluminium is fast rivalling PVCu as consumers’ bi-fold material of choice.  Insight Data’s Window Industry Report 2014 highlighted that nearly 5,000 UK installers now offer aluminium windows and doors.

At their best, aluminium bi-fold doors can remove the distinction between indoors and out, bringing light into a property while still delivering security in line with the latest regulations.  Provided, of course, that the highest standards of quality in manufacture and installation are adhered to.

You might think that a well-made product, delivered precisely to your specification, where and when you need it, sounds fairly simple.

However, pinpoint accuracy in measurement is crucial for a correct installation; you can’t simply measure an old window and specify the same size.  This, in turn, can cause longer lead times in the turnaround from order to delivery if the right parts aren’t in stock.

Time after time, we hear stories of poorly-constructed doors, manufacturing delays, or products which need adjustment on site – throwing the whole design out of kilter.

I know all about the issues that can prevent a job going smoothly, because I spent many years running my own installation company.

Whether an item isn’t ready when promised, a door doesn’t quite fit the gap or a vital component is out of stock, experience taught me all the niggles that end up costing money and wasting time.

When I set up AluFoldDirect, I was determined to address those problems, to make sure we had a slick and hassle-free process from the second you get in touch to the moment your finished product is installed.

Our aluminium bi-fold doors are precisely made-to-measure, fast, and delivered straight to your site anywhere in the UK within short, set time frames.  Our expert assemblers work in a spotless, ultra-modern manufacturing environment; we aspire to the standards of today’s high-tech car manufacturing plants rather than the traditional image of a fabricator, reflecting our commitment to exceptional quality.

Whether for a refurbishment, a new build, an extension or a conservatory, when you buy a door from us, you expect to know when you’re going to get it. Equally, you need your door ordered, manufactured and delivered quickly, so it doesn’t delay progress on the job.

Our tried and tested process means that once ordered, we’ll deliver a finished unglazed door in one week. For a glazed door, it’ll be a fortnight.

To make that possible, we’ve committed to holding a significant amount of stock at all times, giving you confidence that you will never hear excuses about having to wait while components come into stock. Investing in such a generous stock-holding sets AluFoldDirect apart, enabling us to provide an exceptionally flexible and responsive service.

Our fast turnaround also means you don’t have to gamble by ordering a size before you’ve created the gap.  Instead, simply measure the aperture once it’s formed and order your door.  Each AluFoldDirect door is precision-made and carefully checked, so it’s guaranteed to fit perfectly into the space you’ve measured without the need for any adjustments on site.

This way, doors are fabricated in harmony with your job schedules, saving time and eliminating the risk of a door that doesn’t quite fit snugly.  You get a perfectly made-to-measure solution, delivered when and where you need it, with no delays along the way.

As a further method of supporting our customers we deliver using unmarked vans, helping you maintain that all-important branding on your site.

Experience with our repeat customers has confirmed that our production processes instil confidence. The first time they order, installers will perhaps call two or three times to check that their delivery is still on schedule. The second time, they might call once. After that, they stop calling, because they know there’s no need to chase an AluFoldDirect delivery.

Similarly, we know that our customers may not be installing aluminium bi-fold doors every day.  That’s why we’ve taken into consideration the potentially-costly snags that can happen when installing a door. The video we produced as a reminder of the four most common pitfalls was viewed more than 10,000 times within weeks of its launch.

The video, Don’t 4Get The 4Play, is available on the News section of our website, or on the Facebook page dedicated to our tongue-in-cheek cartoon couple Al & Lu Fold.

Originally published in the Nov/Dec 2015 issue of Windows Active.

Delivered direct to site, anywhere in the UK (unbranded van)