Orangery roof lanterns for trade
















As homeowners are making the choice to ‘improve, not move’, an orangery roof lantern is a great addition to your product range. By extending the home with an orangery-style extension and using an aluminium framed roof lantern to bring in lots of light, homeowners can get the additional light and airy space they need.

A modern alternative to a conservatory, an extension with an orangery roof lantern lets in lots of light, yet it still feels like a real extension of the home. It’s a great way to create larger kitchens and open-plan living spaces. Combining this with a set of aluminium bi-fold doors will merge indoor and outdoor spaces too, for an even more flexible living space.

Bespoke Orangery Jobs

These bespoke orangery projects are a great opportunity for builders and window installation companies and we understand that you need a reliable supplier so that you can get the job done on time, as promised.

That’s why we launched our roof lantern kits – the perfect orangery roof lantern product for tradespeople.

We created the easy to install kits to help you get on and get the job done quicker. Here’s the big benefits of choosing an orangery roof lantern kit from AluFoldDirect:
















1. Roof Lantern Kit Can Be Installed in 40 Minutes

Our roof lantern kits can be installed in just 40 minutes. They are delivered with clear instructions, in colour-coded packaging to make installation an absolute dream. If you do have any little hiccups, the technical team are just on the end of the phone.

2. Three Stock Sizes to Choose From

Our roof lantern kits are available in three stock sizes. In the four-pane design, there’s the choice of 1m x 2m or 1.5m x 2.5m. For a bigger roof, the multi-pane design roof lantern kit is available in 2m x 3m. We’re finding that lots of customers are purposely altering their plans to fit our roof lantern sizes, so they can order them when the build is ready for a roof lantern to be fitted.

3. Four Stock Colours Available

All of the sizes of our roof lantern kits are available in four colour options: anthracite, white, black and dual anthracite/white.

4. Delivered Same Day or Next Day

Our stock size roof lanterns are manufactured and packed, ready to deliver now! You can collect from our Aluminium Glazing Design Centre in Blackburn or we can deliver to your premises, or direct to site next day. That means you don’t have to order your lantern until you’re ready to fit.

5. Energy Efficient Aluminium Roof Lantern

Our roof lanterns have 100 percent aluminium frames, with no plastic cappings, fascias or trims. The frames have a thermal break to enable the best energy performance.

6. Slim Sightlines

Our roof lantern designs are clean and modern, for the ultimate orangery extension. They have slim 38mm internal rafters and square-cut sections for a truly modern finish.

Watch our roof lantern installation video here to see just how simple our roof lantern kits are to fit on site in just 40 minutes.

Bespoke Designs Delivered in 2 Weeks

Our roof lantern kits have been popular with installers, but sometimes a project really does need something bespoke. If you’d like something that isn’t a stock size or colour, speak to our team. We manufacture bespoke roof lantern designs and deliver them in just 2 weeks.

If you would like to show the roof lantern in your showroom, you can order a display roof lantern from us today. Or to see it for yourself first, visit the Aluminium Glazing Design Centre in Blackburn.

Delivered direct to site, anywhere in the UK (unbranded van)