Stocking up for success

bifold doors
By AluFoldDirect managing director Craig Miller

Aluminium is now firmly established as an alternative to PVCu, with an accompanying increase in the number of installers offering aluminium windows and doors.

In 2014 that number rose to 4,834, up 291 on the previous year according to Insight Data’s Window Industry Report.

But as demand for aluminium bi-fold doors rises, manufacturers and installers need to be ready to cope with the increased pressure.

For example, delays in the turnaround period from order to delivery due to components being out of stock can result in much longer lead times. And that makes it more difficult to run a job to a precise timetable.

To eliminate that risk, at AluFoldDirect we’re committed to maintaining a generous stock-holding so you know that when you order from us, we won’t tell you there’s a waiting period for components to come into stock.

Investing in the infrastructure to hold a significant amount of stock at all times sets AluFoldDirect apart, enabling us to provide an exceptionally flexible and responsive service – a big reason why you don’t need to order ‘off plan’.

Additionally, a long lead-in time means you may have to order a door to fit a gap before you’ve created it – increasing the risk that the finished product won’t be a perfect fit.

That’s particularly significant for aluminium bi-fold doors as one of the chief selling points – their large potential span – makes pinpoint accuracy of measurement crucial for a correct installation.

But time after time, we hear stories of poorly-constructed doors, manufacturing delays, or products which need adjustment on site – throwing the whole design out of kilter.

When I set up AluFoldDirect, I was determined to address those problems, to make sure that the process is as slick and hassle-free as possible from the second you get in touch to the moment we arrive on site with your finished product.

Expert assemblers work in a spotless, modern manufacturing environment, reflecting that commitment to the highest levels of quality throughout the process.

Our tried and tested process means once ordered, we’ll deliver a finished unglazed door in one week. For a glazed door, it’ll be a fortnight.

This way, doors can be fabricated in harmony with your job schedules, saving time and eliminating the risk of a door that doesn’t quite fit snugly. There’s no guesswork involved which, together with our strict quality criteria, guarantees the highest standards at every stage.

As a further method of supporting our customers we deliver using unmarked vans, helping you maintain that all-important branding on your site.

Delivered direct to site, anywhere in the UK (unbranded van)