Glazed or unglazed?

bifold glazed unglazed

By Craig Miller, Managing Director of AluFoldDirect

We pride ourselves on our promise that we get our bi-fold doors to you within one week if unglazed and two weeks if glazed.

It’s easy to understand that different people will need different specifications. For example if a builder is on site they most likely need glazed doors ready for installation. With just two weeks turnaround, that means the builder can wait until the exact aperture dimensions can be confirmed – which in turn means a “right first time” installation.

However there are many different customers. We see a lot of interest from window and door manufactures who might specialise in PVCu but sometimes have a customer who requests an aluminium bi-fold door. This is where the best option is unglazed as it will let the customer fit the glass themselves, ultimately saving money.

We understand that there are two very different options but it’s important to us that we keep both types of customer happy. Unglazed will be always be a quicker delivery, but we still make sure that our doors are always delivered as promised, within one week for unglazed, two weeks for glazed.

Whatever your company does, whatever your company needs – we make sure you get what you want. We deliver what you need straight to you 100% precise and extremely fast.

Delivered direct to site, anywhere in the UK (unbranded van)