The Customer Comes First

bifolding doors factory

By Craig Miller, Managing Director of AluFoldDirect

There are millions of businesses in the UK, and probably an equal number of complex theories on how to run a successful business. My own theory, for what it’s worth, is that “there’s no great theory” at all.

Actually, it’s quite simple.

When it comes to success, you just have to make sure your customers are happy. At AluFoldDirect, the first thing I drill into my employees’ heads is that the customer always comes first. It may seem like that quote has been thrown around more than a basketball but it’s simply the truth!

When AlufoldDirect started, we had a very deliberate philosophy that we would find out what our customers wanted and make sure we give it to them. After all, if your customers are unhappy, you won’t survive very long. On the other hand, if you stick to your promises and don’t mess anyone about, you’ll thrive.

What did we find out? Simply this:

  • They want well-made aluminium bi-fold doors. so that’s what we do.
  • They want fast delivery and to be always on time, so that’s what we do.

By making the customer the focus at all times, there’s no chance of getting it wrong. As I’ve written before, “that’ll do” won’t do – and that’s because we see everything through our customers’ eyes.

Ultimately, a business is nothing without its customers, so we make sure we look after ours. In turn, the customer looks after us through repeat business and recommendations to others.

How’s that for a theory?

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