Al & Lu Fold Wish You A ‘Merry’ Christmas

bifold doors

Saucy cartoon couple Al & Lu Fold are looking forward to a warm, cosy Christmas after their success in installing an aluminium bi-fold door from AluFoldDirect.

“It’s the best decision we’ve ever made,” Al says. “Using AluFoldDirect was such a simple process that we were able to get it up first time and leave plenty of time for traditional Christmas activities like roasting our chestnuts.”

Lu agrees about the ease of using AluFoldDirect: “We’ve definitely pulled an absolute cracker.  It was even faster to put up than our Christmas tree.”

The thermal efficiency of their bi-fold door is another real benefit as the dark nights draw in.

“The AluFoldDirect bi-fold door keeps all of those awkward drafts at bay.  It’s so cosy indoors we can still wear our cozzies… but we’re putting on our best festive fashions,” says Al.

Al also revealed a little surprise whenever anybody opens the AluFoldDirect bi-fold door: a sprig of mistletoe.

“Is that for me?” Lu asks.

“Of course.  Just a little thank you for choosing a bi-fold door from AluFoldDirect and saving me from having a red nose this Christmas.”

“At least until you hit the mulled wine later.”

“Well, they do call it a ‘merry’ Christmas.”

Looks like Al & Lu will be continuing to put the ‘rude’ in Rudolph this season.  

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