Take your designs to the next level with Infinium minimal frame sliding doors

So, you’re in the middle of designing a beautiful, cutting edge home and you’re looking for the perfect door to complete the project. With so much choice on offer, what style of glazing will best suit the home?

Over recent years, the trend for widespan glazing has taken centre stage. The requirement for uninterrupted views has certainly heightened thanks to the popularity of aluminium bifold doors. However, there is a brand-new choice on the market for architects that want something more impressive than bifold doors. Infinium minimal frame sliding doors are the luxurious choice for widespan glazing, that take your building designs to the next level.

Infinium minimal frame sliding doors are rapidly inspiring more and more design choices, as they help homeowners to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living, creating a new sense of ‘fresh air living’ that invites the outside in.

Infinium: the ultimate design to frame a view

Infinium minimal frame sliding doors are the epitome of all things sleek and modern when it comes to widespan glazing. They create space and light within properties by losing frames and gaining full access to natural daylight, thus creating a bright, warm home that extends effortlessly to the outdoors.


Create dramatic glass walls

Today, there is an even bigger focus on the importance of natural daylight in buildings, and Infinium glazing designs cater to this perfectly. Seamlessly integrating floor-to-ceiling glazing that floods living spaces with daylight, transforming the building from one that not only looks great, but makes residents feel great too.

With sash panels available up to 3 metres wide and 3.5 metres high, Infinium minimal frame sliding doors are designed for framing a view. Incredibly slim 21mm interlock sightlines help to maximise on glazing, to achieve the glass wall effect.

Choose from fixed panes that offer truly widespan glazing, or a two-track threshold that can hold up to four sashes for the ultimate design flexibility. Double or triple glazed units are available to not only provide great thermal performance, but help with acoustics too, minimising unwanted noise.

Choose contemporary aesthetics

Whilst frames might be minimal, they still have a huge design impact. That’s why they are available in a full range of singe or dual colour finishes, with beautiful handles to complete the sleek, minimalist aesthetic and a fully concealed aluminium outer frame and sash.

Advanced engineering

Remarkable engineering has been used for Infinium, to ensure both function and beauty are seamlessly combined.

Bespoke aluminium rollers are designed to guarantee that even the heaviest sash needs only the slightest touch to operate, and an automated motorised system is available for an added design touch.

Double thermal breaks are used for the highest levels of comfort, improving insulation and keeping warmth within the building. The system therefore achieves U-Values as low as 1.0 W/m2K and is tested for water tightness up to 450 Pa and windload up to 1800 Pa.

Pushing the boundaries of aluminium glazing

Custom design is at the heart of Infinium minimal frame glazing. The system is manufactured to order at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and comes with everything you need from our top-level technical and sales support, to fast delivery, direct to site in unmarked vans.

Only certified installers can fit Infinium minimal frame sliding doors. Highly skilled installation companies are trained directly by us at our new Aluminium Installer Training Academy, where they attend our one-day course to become an Accredited Installer of Infinium. This offers a level of exclusivity to the Infinium system, with a select team of skilled installers who can work with you to create your widespan glazing vision.

As with all our aluminium glazing products, architects and their clients can see our systems in person at our Aluminium Glazing Design Centre in Blackburn. Here you can envisage the products, and fully appreciate the beauty and engineering of the impressive minimal frame designs.

You can find all the finer details about Infinium minimal frame sliding doors by downloading a brochure, or by visiting our Infinium Glazing page here.

Delivered direct to site, anywhere in the UK (unbranded van)