AluFoldDirect Finalist for Made in the North West Manufacturing Awards

AluFoldDirect created 25 real jobs in one year, which is why the Lancashire manufacturer of aluminium doors and windows is a finalist for a prestigious Apprenticeship Award.  This year’s Insider Made In The North West Awards has recognised the achievement of the company’s in-house programme to hire and train unskilled local people who are hungry to learn and have the potential to grow within the business.

One of AlufoldDirect’s targets is to create a smart and capable workforce, which delivers great customer service and efficient, right first time manufacturing and installation. The company has taken it upon itself, without any outside financial assistance, to provide well paid real jobs to local people.

 “We believe there are many people out there with untapped potential and we want to provide them with real jobs to prove themselves,” said Craig Miller, Managing Director, AluFoldDirect. “We create these positions because we want to hire and train local people who can’t find the opportunities to develop and learn new skills. Our trainees are the foundation of our business which is why we pay them a good wage and want them to be with us for the future.”

AluFoldDirect goes about its business with a “that’ll do, won’t do” approach to ensure its processes are accurate and efficient. This approach is built into the values of its employees by its programme. There are currently 25 members of its team who have benefited from the programme.

The programme, which works in stages, begins with teaching trainees the basics of manufacturing AluFoldDirect’s range of products. Around six to twelve months into the programme the trainees take charge of the fabricating process and once passing an internal qualification, work unsupervised on two areas of the production line, becoming qualified fabricators. The final stage of the process requires the trainees to train the next batch.

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