What M Davenport Builders Says About Working With AluFoldDirect

Jon Newbold, project manager for M Davenport Builders Ltd, regularly orders products from AluFoldDirect.

He says he has watched the business grow and he especially likes AlufoldDirect’s bespoke aluminium roof lanterns.

Here’s what Jon said:

“M Davenport Builders Ltd started working with AluFoldDirect a few years ago and now we are fully committed to buying their products.

“We have watched the company grow and, in that time, we have been impressed with AluFoldDirect.

“The business was a much smaller set up when we first started working with them.

“Since AluFoldDirect expanded and moved into new premises, product quality remains exceptionally high.

“The service from AluFoldDirect is absolutely superb and we are always treated well.

“The process from ordering an item to getting it delivered is accurate and efficient.

“I can place an order and get it quickly and that’s great news when you’re working on time-sensitive projects for clients.

“At M Davenport Builders Ltd, we especially like the aluminium roof lanterns from AluFoldDirect. Recently, we fitted three to the back of a property and the result was impressive. These days, they are becoming increasingly popular with customers.

“As well as roof lanterns, we have also ordered a range of doors from AluFoldDirect. We have been impressed with them too.

“It’s really beneficial working with a company that cares so much.

“When I visit the team at AluFoldDirect, they are welcoming and extremely professional. A special mention must go to Tim and John at AluFoldDirect. These guys definitely know what they’re doing and they’re a pleasure to work with.”

M Davenport Builders Ltd, based in Bramhall, Cheshire, was founded by Mark Davenport more than 40 years ago. The company specialises in extensions, large-scale alternations and property development.

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