Keeping Our Customers in The Frame

bifold doors

Speed is essential to bi-fold door installers – after all, time is money and it’s vital there are no delays, especially at the end of a building project when the bi-fold door is the only element left to fit.

That’s why AluFoldDirect aims to make life as easy as possible for our customers.  One area where we offer a real difference is that we ship our aluminium bi-fold doors ‘full frame.’

Many manufacturers split the frame into sections because it’s more convenient to deliver that way – but the knock-on effect is that it’s *less* convenient for the installer at the other end, who has to spend valuable time assembling the frame.

And it’s not only inconvenient; it is inefficient, too.  Bi-fold doors must be a perfect fit, and it makes no sense that the installer has to ensure the frame fits together correctly.

A building site isn’t the optimum place to assemble a frame – it isn’t favourable to achieving the pinpoint accuracy required, and it risks damaging the frame.

So that’s why we insist on ‘full frame’ delivery. We’ll handle the assembly so that the customer’s bi-fold door leaves the factory right first time.  It will be made to measure and ready to install.  Only for the largest width doors, where it is physically impossible to transport them full frame in our vans, do we compromise on our shipping commitment.

The reason we can offer ‘full frame’ delivery this is we only use our own dedicated van drivers, meaning that we’re not reliant on third parties.  All members of the AluFoldDirect team are committed to meeting our demand that “that’ll do” won’t do, so our customers can be sure the driver will take special care to preserve the quality of their aluminium bi-fold door throughout delivery.

And should anything happen to the door in transit, we’ll happily take it back and start again, so our customers receive nothing less than the premium product they’ve specified.

It’s our job to make life easier for our installers.  We’ll provide the aluminium bi-fold door ‘full frame’ and ready to install; all our customers need to do are the finishing touches.

Delivered direct to site, anywhere in the UK (unbranded van)