AluFoldDirect teams with GlassRooms Architectural Glazing Limited to create bespoke £40k glass extension in Cheshire

Glass Rooms Irby

A £40k project to create a unique glass room featuring three sets of fully-glazed aluminium doors from award-winning AluFoldDirect is the first of its kind in the UK.

GlassRooms Architectural Glazing Limited incorporated AluFoldDirect’s powder-coated aluminium, thermally-broken, secure bi-fold, French and single door styles in their high-end glass box system.

It’s the first time this type of innovative aluminium glazing has been installed in the seamless structural glass room by GlassRooms Architectural Glazing Limited – which was fitted in a residential property in Irby, Cheshire.

Richard Southern, director of GlassRooms Architectural Glazing Limited, based in the Wirral, says his client wanted their glass room to feature high security doors and that’s why he approached the award-winning aluminium glazing fabricators, AluFoldDirect.

He says: “We used one pair of AluFoldDirect’s residential fully-glazed double doors and two single hinged doors, so our client had the choice of three ways to exit the new room. The quality of the doors was superb and my client was extremely happy.

“The glass box system achieved a U-Value of 1.2 W/m²K for enhanced thermal insulation and the living space seamlessly linked the inside with the outside.”

Glass Rooms Irby

GlassRooms Architectural Glazing Limited delivers bespoke, functional living spaces across the UK. They work with clients nationwide who want to maximise their homes by creating a super-efficient, relaxing version of a traditional extension.

Over the last 12 months, these cutting-edge glass room structures from GlassRooms Architectural Glazing Limited have taken the home improvement market by storm – creating wonderful, light, energy-efficient spaces which breathe new life into properties old and new.

Richard said: “We have never incorporated aluminium doors into one of our glass rooms before, so this really was a first for us. Before we went out and installed the product, we designed and constructed it in-house at our factory headquarters in the Wirral.

“Once we were satisfied that we could successfully incorporate AluFoldDirect’s aluminium glazing into our seamless structure, we went ahead and completed the fit. This glass room featured full support structural glass vertical fins and roof beams but avoided the requirement for chunky steel supports and this was why it was unique.

“We would like to thank AluFoldDirect for the aluminium glazing support. We created a wonderfully-light and energy-efficient space that literally transformed our client’s house.”

Chris Stretten, Sales & Marketing Manager at AluFoldDirect says: “Being involved in innovative projects such as these really shows off what can be achieved with aluminium glazing.

“Our aluminium doors provided contemporary, minimalist designs that were custom-built to complement the unique glass room structure perfectly.

“Working closely with GlassRooms Architectural Glazing Limited ensured that we were able to meet all the requirements for the extension and deliver the aluminium glazing right first time.”

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