Q: What system to do use?

A: ALUk, formerly known as Beaufort accounts for almost our entire output. We do have a couple of other niche lines however.

Q: What is the lead time for made to measure aluminium Bi-Folding Doors?
A: 1 week if unglazed and 2 weeks for glazed for all single colours (plus we stock grey on white dual colour). Dual colours other than grey on white are on a five week lead time.

Q: What is the lead time for made to measure Sliding Doors and SlimLine Windows?
A: 2 weeks for all single colours. Dual colours are on a five week lead time.

Q: Can I have a price please?
A: Of course, no problem. Simply submit the Quick Quote form on this website and attach your drawings/schedules to that form or email your drawing/requirement list directly to info@alufolddirect.co.uk. We normally return an itemised quote on the same day (unless it is for a larger commercial project that may need further discussion with you).

Q: Do you deliver?
A: We deliver nationally, in large, unbranded panel vans driven by drivers in unbranded uniforms. Our fleet is customised to carry large door sets, so, wherever possible, we like to deliver direct to your installation site. This ensures that you don't need to reload onto vehicles not designed to carry large door sets eradicating damage caused by incorrect transit. If you'd prefer though we can, of course, deliver to your own depot.

Q: How difficult is it to install aluminium bi-folding doors?
A: It is not difficult at all for installers who have installed this type of product or double glazing products in general. Please watch our 90 second installation cartoon at the bottom of our homepage. Not only will raise a smile, it also covers the main aspects of the installation. Of course, a printed set of the instructions will arrive in every kit box that is delivered with the doors (you can also download these instructions in our download section). Our system is designed to be “fitter friendly” and our real time experience backs this up. Please – watch the cartoon and take it from there and you will find the installation is a relatively straight forward process.

Q: With Bi-folding Doors, how do I get a flush threshold so I don’t trip over it and no drafts can get through?
A: The best way is to use our standard threshold, which has a ‘Weather Rating’. This threshold has a rebate, so the internal finished floor level is 20mm higher than the external ground level.

We have a three solutions for thresholds including ‘Drip Trays’ to align your bi-folding doors along the brick line, without any adjustment needed. Please ask our estimator to advise accordingly, taking your site specifics into account. We will provide a section drawing detailing this aspect where required.

Q: Can have all the door leafs folding in the same direction?
A: Yes you can...but:

i) If you want an everyday Traffic door in your door set, allowing external access, you must have an "ODD" number of leafs – i.e., 3 or 5.

ii) If you are having an even number of leafs – i.e. 4 or 6 you cannot have a Traffic door unless it(the Traffic door) opens the opposite way, (so the odd number of leafs will fold in the same direction).

Please see our STYLES chart under Bi-Folding Doors which explains this in full.

In very wide door sets, customers often have the leafs split to fold to both left and right from the centre, in which case the traffic door is usuallyset in the centre.