Document Q - Building Regulations Security

Changes to Building Regulations have implications for installers of doors and windows. It’s all because of the Government’s new Document Q, on security.

As of October 1, it means that doors and windows in new homes and alterations to change an existing property to a dwelling have to meet set standards which offer more security and protect us against opportunist burglars.

There’s no need to panic, because a lot of this isn’t new. In fact many of the standards are already in common use under the Secured By Design initiative, but have been formalised by the Government now as part of its drive to reduce confusion.

However, the regulations will have an impact for bi-fold, sliding and French doors, or other designs which have traditionally incorporated lower-threshold security features.

As you’d expect, at AluFoldDirect we’re ahead of the new regulations with fully compliant products and here to help guide you through the changes. You can download our Guide to Document Q or get in touch for advice before starting your project. And if you tell us an item is for a new build when you order it, we’ll make sure you get precisely what you need to keep on the right side of the building regulations.

Download the AluFoldDirect guide to Document Q here.

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