‘Buy It Yourself’ - the alternative for homeowners

bifold doors

By AluFoldDirect managing director Craig Miller

If you’re one of the growing number of householders attracted by the idea of installing stylish and practical aluminium bi-fold doors, the good news is that you can come straight to AluFoldDirect for the best products and price, backed up with top quality advice and service.

The popularity of bi-fold doors is higher than it’s ever been. In fact, a recent survey by prestige London property agents Marsh & Parsons put them second only to wooden flooring as the most desirable design feature demanded by customers.

Home-style experts at The Times, too, have identified them as a must-have, along with the likes of wood burners and open plan living.

Redesigning your home is a major undertaking, and we know that increasing numbers of homeowners are choosing to get more directly involved in the process of choosing quality products to fit their vision.

And just as the internet has revolutionised shopping trends, it’s made it easier than ever to research a wide range of choices before making your decision.

That’s why the concept of BIY – buy it yourself – is an increasingly popular option for householders carrying out a redesign, offering the potential to save money and time.

BIY gives you all the cost and convenience advantages of DIY, with the freedom to choose who you’d like to fit the doors for you. It’s a money-saving alternative to more expensive ‘complete service’ packages and puts you in total control over when money is spent.

You might already have a favourite builder, or someone who can fit aluminium bi-fold doors. BIY means you can just come to us to have them made – safe in the knowledge that the doors supplied will be made to fit the precise gap you’ve measured.

Our expert assemblers work in a spotless, modern manufacturing environment, reflecting our commitment to the highest levels of quality throughout the process.

Once ordered, we’ll deliver a finished unglazed door in one week. For a glazed door, it’ll be a fortnight.

Our fast turnaround also means you don’t have to gamble by ordering a size before you’ve created the gap, so each AluFoldDirect door is guaranteed to fit perfectly into the space you’ve measured. All our doors are fully checked before they leave, so you won’t need to make any on-site adjustments yourself.

To further ease the BIY process, we’re here to offer support and advice at every step of the way. Our popular animated video addresses four of the most common errors committed when installing bi-fold doors, as a further step to help ensure your builder gets it right first time.

Delivered direct to site, anywhere in the UK (unbranded van)