Bi-Folding Opening Styles

Double bifold doors from AluFoldDirect

5-4-1, 5-3-2, 5-5-0? We’re not talking about the formations used by football teams, but about some of the configurations of opening styles used for bi-folding doors.

The great thing about bi-folding doors is that their flexibility in design and manufacture means they can offer a wide range of options to homeowners with different style homes, different needs and different usages for their doors.

Bi-folding doors are a fantastic way to open up any living space to allow more light into the home by removing parts of, or even entire walls. Architects and builders can maximise the viewing space to the garden so that homeowners get a better appreciation of the flowers that have blossomed in the summer, and even in the winter when the snow has fallen, you can look out at a beautiful white blanket of snow.

When helping the homeowner to choose the right bi-folding door, it’s important to consider which design best suits their lifestyle.

What do the numbers mean?

Bi-folding opening styles come with three numbers, which we like to call TLR – total, left and right. The first refers to the total panels the doorset has, whilst the middle refers to how many panels open to the left, and the third number refers to how many go to the right. Take a look at the handy diagram below to see the different styles bi-fold doors can be designed to open in.

To the Left                        Down the Middle                        To the Right

The layout of the home and garden can play a big part in the opening style of a bi-folding doors. If a customer wants their bi-folding doors in their dining room, the furniture may dictate where they can be stacked, whether that is to the left or to the right. The variations of bi-folding opening styles gives customers the choice.

If somebody’s home has an open living layout where their kitchen, dining room and maybe even living room all run alongside each other, they may want their bi-folding doors to open in the middle where their dining room is, so the kitchen and living room stay closed and all the fresh air comes in through the dining room. This means that 6-3-3 would be their best option.

Or they may just want to be able to open the middle, or one panel on the left or right. If they are taking out a load of washing for example, being able to open one panel will make it easier to get outside and hang the washing out to dry. 5-4-1 or 4-3-1 would be the most suitable configuration for their needs.

Inside or Outside

Another extremely useful design of bi-folding doors is that they can be stacked either inside or outside all depending on each customer’s home and lifestyle. If a customer has a young family with kids running around outside, maybe playing football or throwing a ball about, they won’t want the doors being stacked outside because of them getting in the way of the children’s fun.

It’s also useful depending on whether the customer has a patio area or not. If the bi-folding doors open out straight onto a path, rather than a nice decking or concrete patio area, a homeowner may prefer to have them tucked nicely away inside.

If there isn’t enough space inside, or customers don’t want the doors to take up room in their home, they have the option for the bi-fold panels to be stacked outside. This creates more room inside for furniture of even just to make the room feel more open and relaxed.

17 Variations

AlufoldDirect manufactures high-quality aluminium bi-folding doors. The aluminium provides a strong frame to carry all that glass for a long-lasting and durable performance, keeping its appearance for longer. It’s also extremely low maintenance and the frame profiles are slimmer, making sure nothing is taken away from the look of your customer’s homes.

Our bi-folding doors can be configured in any of the 17 variations from the diagram above to give your customers more choice and more options to suit their needs. All 17 styles can also open inwards and outwards for which ever works best for the space and location of the bi-folding doors.

Check out our bi-folding opening styles page to find out everything you need to know about bi-folding opening styles.

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