Aluminium Bifold Doors FAQs

What is the lead time for aluminium bifold doors?

We have a 1-week lead time for unglazed doors and 2-week lead time for glazed doors for all single colours. We also stock Anthracite Grey on White as a dual colour, with a lead time of one week unglazed and two weeks glazed. All other dual colour options require an 8-10 week lead time.


How much does an aluminium bifold door cost?

Our bifold doors are made to measure to suit your requirements, meaning that the costs will vary.

As a rule of thumb, the larger the door, the higher the price. However, we ensure our aluminium bifold doors remain competitively priced in the UK.

For an accurate cost, we can provide you with a quick quote. Simply complete our online form, or contact our team directly on 01706 260700.


Are the aluminium bifold doors made to measure?

All our aluminium bifold doors are made to measure, designed to your exact requirements and project needs.


Do you deliver bifold doors?

We deliver our aluminium bifold doors nationally. We deliver in full frame, directly to site or anywhere across the UK in an unbranded van, with drivers in unbranded uniform.

Our fleet is customised to carry large door sets, enabling us to deliver directly to you.

Doors can be delivered in kit form if required to combat access issues.

There’s also the option to collect your bifold doors direct from our factory, if you live near to our Blackburn base.


Can I get a bifold door quote?

Of course, no problem! Simply submit the ‘Quick Quote form’ on our website and attach your drawings/schedules. Alternatively, you can email your requirements/drawings directly to, or call us on 01706 260700 to discuss your requirements further.

We normally return an itemised quote on the same day (unless it is for a larger commercial project that may need further discussion with you).


How do I order aluminium bifold doors from you?

As our bifold doors are made to measure, our service is tailored to you too.

We’ve made it as straightforward as possible to order aluminium bifold doors from AluFoldDirect, so that you receive products fast, right first time, every time.

We will start your order process by discussing your requirements personally, you can visit us at the AluFoldDirect Aluminium Glazing Design Centre, contact us directly or complete an online quote form here.


What colours are available?

We use high performance powder-coated colours for our aluminium bifold doors. You can choose from any RAL or B.S. colour or dual colour options.

Anthracite Grey and Jet Black are our most popular choices, but we can provide you with any colour you require.

For dual colour options, we stock Anthracite Grey on White as standard. However, we can order in different combinations if required.

Bespoke dual colours have an 8-10 week lead time and bespoke single colours have a 2-week lead time.


What are the maximum bifold door sizes?

We can manufacture your bifold doors using any combination of door leafs. Each individual door leaf is available up to 1.2 metres wide and 3 metres tall as standard. This gives you lots of design flexibility when it comes to bifold door sizes and enables you to create large glazed areas. 


What are the configuration options for aluminium bifold doors?

There are many configurations available for our aluminium bifold doors. Choose from 17 different variations of opening styles to suit the needs of the end-users. 

The doors can be designed to stack either on the inside or outside of the property, giving uninterrupted access to the outdoors. They can be set up to open in one direction – to the left or right, or even split to fold either side.


What is a traffic door on a bifold?

A traffic door is a great option to add easy and convenient access to the property.

Traffic doors – otherwise known as ‘access doors’ - open, close and provide the same functionality as a normal entrance door. They enable access in and out of the property without the need to open the whole bifold door.

Traffic doors can only be installed where there is an odd number of door leafs available. You cannot have a traffic door unless it opens the opposite way (so the odd number of leafs will fold in the same direction).

See our OPENING STYLES chart for a full explanation.

How slim are the sightlines?

Our aluminium bifold doors are renowned for their super slim sightlines, perfect for creating uninterrupted, widespan views.

They achieve sightlines of only 140mm across both door leafs when closed, creating a sleek architectural finish. There is no bulky outer frame due to the strength of the aluminium used.


Can I achieve a flush threshold with your doors?

The best option is with our standard threshold. This threshold is rebated, so that the internal floor level is 20mm higher than the outside, making the doors weather tight. We use rebated thresholds as they achieve Weather Ratings, ensuring that the doors can’t leak, unlike thresholds that are completely level to the ground.

We have three solutions for thresholds, including ‘Drainage trays’ to best suit your needs.


What system do you use?

We use AluK systems for our aluminium bifold doors.


What are the glazing options for your bifold doors?

For our aluminium bifold doors, we use Toughened Argon Gas filled glazing units with a warm edge spacer as standard.

Our standard glazing units used for our bifold doors are 28mm and have a centre pane U-Value of 1.2, which exceeds current building regulations for both England and Wales.

Laminated, warm edge, self-cleaning or obscure specifications are also available on our glazing units to help meet your design and energy efficiency requirements.


What locks are used?

Our bifold doors feature modern multi-point locking systems as standard. This helps to secure the doors in several different places with just one turn of a key, giving a superior level of security. These high security multi point locks comply with PAS 24 accreditation as standard to meet requirements on new homes.


What hardware options are there for aluminium bifold doors?

You can choose from a Hoppe Atlanta lever handle or a spring loaded pop out ‘T’ bar handle. Both options provide flawless function and complete the modern aesthetic of the bifold doors.

The hardware options are available in black, white, silver or chrome to complement the overall finish.


Can I suite the doors with other aluminium glazing products?

Yes, we have a wide range of Everything Aluminium glazing products that can be fully suited with our aluminium bifold doors. From slimline aluminium windows and aluminium sliding doors to Infinium ultra slimline sliding doors, flat aluminium rooflights and aluminium roof lanterns.


Are integral blinds available?

We offer integral blinds for our bifold doors. The blinds are permanently sealed between the glass and are maintenance free. You can choose from a wide range of colours, and they can be operated either manually or by electronic operation. The blinds are also guaranteed for 5 years.


Who do you supply bifold doors to?

Our aluminium bifold doors are designed to suit a wide range of projects, both domestic and commercial. This means that we supply to the trade, architects, designers, and self-builders.


Are the doors Secured by Design?

We have the option to upgrade your bifold doors to be Secured by Design accredited, the Police Preferred specification.

Secured by Design (SBD) is a national police initiative established by the Association of Chief Police Officers, that helps to ‘design out’ crime through the use of high quality products and processes.


Why choose aluminium?

Aluminium is a low-density metal that adds superior strength and durability to the design of the bifold doors without being bulky and uninviting. Instead, it helps to keep frames slimline, bringing lots of light into a room while offering widespan views.


How difficult is it to install bifold doors?

It is not difficult for installers who have installed this type of product or double glazing products in general. The system is designed to be super ‘fitter friendly’.

We include a printed set of instructions in each kit box that is delivered with the doors, and you can download instructions from our download section online.


Do you provide training and advice for fitting your bifold doors?

We provide full, comprehensive installation training along with refresher courses for fitting bifold doors at our Aluminium Installer Training Academy.

So, if you want to simply refresh your fitting skills or need to train your whole team on installing bifold doors, we have the courses available.