Bifold door top tips for satisfaction on the job


DON’T 4GET THE 4PLAY! That’s the message from saucy cartoon couple Al & Lu Fold in a new memory-jogging campaign to minimise aluminium bi-folding door installation mistakes.

Inserting a stiff one, in a tight squeeze, fitting a large one or suffering from unsightly cracks? Al & Lu are on hand to offer relief … and they’ll even let you watch one of their private home videos to provide some pointers.

Al Fold says: “No matter how big the gap you need to fill, bifold doors from AluFoldDirect are made to the precise proportions you need to ensure a tight, satisfying fit in a specific hole, so if you don’t get it up straight away, you’re doing something wrong.”

Adds Lu Fold: “Size matters, and the last thing you want is a part that’s not been inserted properly, rattling round loose in a draughty opening. AluFoldDirect won’t take an order or make a door until the dimensions are spot on, but then you need to know what you’re doing when you’re getting it up on the job.

“After all, it’s not just what you’ve got – it’s what you do with it.”

Confesses Al: “None of us likes to read the instructions but there are times when a chap just tackles the job the wrong way. Perhaps he’s a bit too eager, goes off a bit too soon without thinking it through, or sometimes just wants to get it in more quickly – I know, it’s happened to me.

“That’s no fun for anyone, which is why a bit of time and effort spent on preparation, using our handy reminders, will ensure a great finish. So DON’T 4GET THE 4PLAY!”

Available to watch now online, Al & Lu’s home video shows four easy techniques to rule out messy mishaps.

It can be watched anywhere - a computer at home, on your smartphone in the privacy of your van, or you can even share it with your mates who might be making the same mistakes.

Adds Lu: “We want to help everyone enjoy a fulfilling session on the job, so one afternoon when Al and I were at home, I suggested he took me round the back and set the camera up to record it all.”

Al says: “It was a particularly hot day and when Lu asked me to slip into something more comfortable, I went to get my my hi-vis mankini while she had a good old rummage around downstairs for my hard hat.

“But the message is clear - whether it’s preparing your tools, assessing the gap to fill, or how best to slide it into place … DON’T 4GET THE 4PLAY!”

Al & Lu Fold have also decided to offer their DON’T 4GET THE 4PLAY! expertise on Facebook and Twitter. Simply Like or Follow them to keep up to date with Al & Lu’s latest exploits, as they travel round the country offering to share their techniques with those in need. Or tweet them using the hashtag #dont4getthe4play. 

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