Aluminium Slimline Windows

Aluminium slimline windows are a great choice for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Slimmer sightlines on window frames let more light into properties, helping to achieve bright and airy spaces for homeowners. Plus, frames made from aluminium come with lots of other benefits too.

Let There Be Light!

The slimmer the frames, the bigger the glazed area, so slimline windows really do have the potential to let lots more natural light into homes.

Floor-to-ceiling slimline windows make a modern design statement

If you’re looking for a really big design statement, you could consider over-sized or floor-to-ceiling glazing, to capture as much daylight as possible as well as giving panoramic views over your garden.

At AluFoldDirect, we can help you with bespoke glazing designs for new build and renovation projects so if you’re looking for a gable or unusually shaped aluminium window, call us for advice.

Beautifully Designed Slimline Windows

As well as bringing in natural daylight, aluminium slimline windows look stunning.

The slimmer sashes create the thin, clean lines that so many self-builders and architects are looking for at the moment.

Aluminium offers loads of design options because it is such a versatile material. It means you can have windows in all kinds of shapes in your new build design for a contemporary feel.

If you’re renovating an older property, you might already have some odd-shaped windows you need to cater for, but don’t worry, we can design one that’s the perfect fit.

As well as unusual shapes and angles, you can choose to have your aluminium window frames powder-coated in any RAL colour and pick from a selection of glazing options, including clear, textured and tinted.

Replacing Old PVCu Frames with Energy Efficient Aluminium Slimline Windows

If you’re just looking for replacement double glazing at home, aluminium is a fantastic choice. There have been so many advances in manufacturing windows in aluminium over the last few years that the energy efficiency of aluminium can now match that of PVCu.

The aluminium we use to manufacture our slimline windows has been thermally broken to make it energy efficient.
Aluminium is naturally a very heat conductive material, so old aluminium window systems were less energy efficient than PVCu, but advanced technology has changed this. A thermal break in an aluminium frame is where a barrier is used between the internal and external aluminium so heat cannot conduct from the outside in. This barrier is usually a kind of plastic strip creating an effective barrier between cold air outside and warm air inside to conserve energy inside homes.

Slimline windows for wide glazing in summerhouse or pool rooms

You can choose from the addition of double or triple glazed glass units. We are happy to deliver either glazed or unglazed frames.

Combined with the stunning design opportunities, aluminium gives homeowners the best of both worlds!

Matching Aluminium Slimline Windows and Bi-folding Doors

The other benefit of aluminium slimline windows is that they can be perfectly matched-in with our range of aluminium bi-folding doors for a consistent look throughout the whole home.

Whether you’re a builder, window installer, architect or homeowner looking for slimline windows, come and talk to us. We’ve got lots of experience designing bespoke slimline windows for new build and home improvement projects, so we can help you with the best ways to use glazing in the best way in your design.

Call or visit us at the new AluFoldDirect Aluminium Glazing Design Centre in Blackburn. The showroom gives you the opportunity to see for yourself the slimline window range and mull over ideas with our experts.

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