New factory delivers everything customers need

AluFoldDirect New Factory

Our recent move to a new factory has been done to bring even better service to customers, so we can be the aluminium glazing fabricator of choice.

We’ve tripled capacity to stay ahead of demand from a wide range of customers. For builders and installers, the key benefit comes from made-to-measure aluminium windows and doors that are ready to fit. We deliver direct to site, within 2 weeks glazed, so customers can order from real measurements, not from plans, so builders or installers can fit right first time, every time.

We know that many PVCu specialists want to offer aluminium bi-folding doors and other products to customers without needing to invest in fabrication. By specialising as an aluminium glazing fabricator, we can take that pressure away from them and supply high-quality aluminium doors and windows directly to them, often unglazed so they can add their own glass. Our lead time for unglazed is only one week.

For architects, self-builders and homeowners, we’ll provide all the advice and support they need, but we know that they’re already clued-up about what they need so we won’t give anybody the hard-sell. Just tell us what you need and we’ll make sure we deliver it.

How We Work as Aluminium Glazing Fabricators

We’re committed to being a leading aluminium glazing fabricator, so we’ve invested in new plant and machinery to help us achieve precise manufacturing every time. New equipment includes automated CNC cutting and prepping machines, four types of sawing machines, crimping machines, plus bespoke cutting and punching tools specific to system requirements.

Our fast lead times rely on speed. Having a new factory means that everything is in its right place, with plenty of space to hold aluminium stock, glass, hardware and spares. The flow of operations moves seamlessly from the machine shop to fabrication, and then to inspection and dispatch.

The factory layout is very flexible. If a customer needs a particularly large or unusual aluminium window or door, we don’t need to wait until space is available. We can easily change between different types while maintaining our focus on military precision and industry-leading lead times.

We’ve created a new shopfloor office, which provides a clear base for fulfilling orders to maintain our fast, efficient delivery schedule. This office is completely open, so there’s no barrier between factory managers and fabricators for close working. Our motto is ‘that’ll do’ won’t do, so it’s important that everybody shares our values and is working to meet the customer’s requirements.

Our Training Programme for Aluminium Glazing Fabricators

Investing in people is just as important as having the right machinery. We run a training programme where we recruit unskilled local people and transform them into highly capable aluminium glazing fabricators. It’s a scalable system that permits rapid and achievable growth, meaning that customers will receive the same care and attention even as we get bigger and busier.

The new factory is also ideal for launching new products to meet customer demands. We have plenty of exciting developments lined up, to support our ambition to be the aluminium glazing fabricator of choice.

Delivered direct to site, anywhere in the UK (unbranded van)